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Born from a passion for creating handmade, unique items, I began building reclaimed wood furniture in 2007. I have been experimenting with materials of all kinds to discover how they can be integrated into my work. What started as a hobby turned into a love for the craft, then blossomed into a career of creating custom designs for clients. That’s why with every customer and every project, I offer personal consultation. It’s the moment for you to tell me your ideas and vision; and I can offer my experience and skill to bring each vision to fruition. I use only the finest, hand-picked materials and finishes in every project, and do everything I can to use local sources as much as possible.

-A Bit of History-

You may have noticed I use a clamshell for my company logo; there's a curious story behind that. Years ago I discovered my family crest and on it was a clamshell. Among other meanings, the clamshell symbolizes that the family has taken a journey. In my case, the journey was from England to America. Years ago when my mother was researching our family genealogy, she discovered that my grandfather twelve generations back, was John Alden, the ship coopersmith/carpenter of the Mayflower. Miles Standish, the military leader of the expedition, is also my grandfather, since their children married. I'm very honored to be part of that lineage. So, in short, the clamshell symbolizes a journey.  The planks reclaimed from an old building or barn continue their journey into furniture lovingly crafted for you. They become your dining table or cabinet built by the grandson of the Mayflower's carpenter using locally sourced materials. Well, you can't get more American than that!

-Way Back When-

       Being a grandson of John Alden doesn't magically make me a great craftsman. It does, however, inspire me to become a great craftsman. He is truly someone worthy of remembrance. I'm sure you have seen that photo of me and my father, along with my twin brother, painting the bottom of the boat, a boat my father built (or scroll down to the bottom of this page to view it). My father was a commercial fisherman where I grew up on Cape Cod, MA. I used to work with him in the off-season building hand-made boats. Though I'm not sure I helped much, I just loved being with my dad. He didn't teach me how to set a mortise or make a lap joint; he taught me how to be a craftsman and to love working with my hands. He would say things like "Remember son, your work is only as good as your corners". It would be years before I understood his lessons. He taught me to rely on creativity and ingenuity, rather than on a fancy tool of some sort. As I work in my workshop today, I often hear my dad's voice giving a lesson..."remember son, get those holidays". I'm still trying to figure that one out.

My work is full of history, heritage, and of course, a story...            

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iron and reclaimed wood parquet coffee t
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celenza fireplace mantel
Iron and reclaimed wood counter height t
Reclaimed wood dining table with breadbo
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Handcrafted for us means care, attention to detail, moving slowly, and never cutting corners.

Veteran owned and always made in the USA. From top to bottom, your handmade furniture is sourced and made here in the United States.

Sawdust is a woodworker's pixie dust...

We believe in TRADITION. Handing down our knowledge, our furniture, for generations to come...



Designer, Owner

I am a jack of all trades, trying to master one.

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